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Posted on 19 June 2031
General Information [Link]
Sample of courseworks [Link]
Past Exam Papers (BSc & MSc Programme)[Link]
Past Exam Papers (PDCE) [Link]
Past Coursework Papers (PDCE) [Link]
Past Exam and Coursework Feedback [Link]
MSc Dissertation Feedback of August 2011 Submission [Link]
MSc Dissertation Feedback of June 2012 Submission [Link]

Lecture Slides:

Professional Diploma in Construction Engineering

Management in the Built Environment [Link]
Application of IT in the Built Environment [Link]
RC Construction & Steel Construction [Link]
Facilities Management Principles [Link]
Engineering Mathematics [Link]
Green Technology [Link]
Basic Engineering Design [Link]
Asset Maintenance Management [Link]
Property Development [Link]
Measurement (Builders) [Link]
Measurement (M&E) [Link]
Construction Practice [ Link ]
Safety and Risk Management [ Link
Site Supervision and Project Management  [ Link ] 
Procurement [ Link ]
Construction Contracts [ Link ]
Construction Technology 1 [ Link ]
Construction Technology 2 [ Link ]
Project [ Link ]

Architectural Engineering System 1 [Link]
Asset Maintenance Management [Link]
Building Pathology & Inspection [Link]
Building Refurbishment & Maintenance[Link]
Business Management in the Built Environment[Link]
Construction Cost Control [Link]
Cost Management 2[Link]

Cost Management 3 [Link]
Cost Planning 2[Link]

Construction Practice and Decision Making / Decision Making in Construction [Link]
Construction Technology 3/5 [Link]
Contemporary Appraisal[Link]
Design for Construction [Link]
Design Cost Planning & Control [Link]
Facilities Management Principles [Link]
International Property Market & Analysis [Link]
Management and Organisation of People in the Built Environment [Link]

Measurement and Cost Evaluation [Link]
Measurement & Value Studies 2[Link]
Professional Project [Link]
Procurement & Contracts [Link]
Property Asset Management 1 2[Link]
Project Planning & Implementation [Link]
Property Development 1 [Link]
Property Investment & Finance 2[Link]
Research Methods [Link]

Real Estate Development [Link]
Real Estate Development & Finance [Link]
Real Estate Investment [Link]
Site Establishment and Equipment [Link]
Safety Management & Site Establishment [Link]
Statistics and Data Analysis [Link]
Site Management and Planning & Project Supervision and Control [Link]
Site Management and Project Supervision [Link]
Sustainable Practice in FM [Link]
Valuation 2: Practice [Link]

Valuation 3: Applied [Link]

MSc: Contracts and Procurement [Link]
MSc: Construction Financial Management [Link]
MSc: Construction Practice & IT [Link]
MSc: Dissertation [Link]
MSc: People and Organisation in the Built Environment [Link]
MSc: Project Management Strategic Issues[Link]
MSc: Project Management Theory and Practice [Link]

MSc: Quantity Surveying Financial Management[Link]
MSc: Asset Maintenance Management [Link]

MSc: Earthquake Engineering [Link]
MSc: Human Factors [Link]
MSc: International Planning and Property Law [Link]
MSc: International Property Markets and Investment [Link]
MSc: Micro Economics in the Built Environment
MSc: Macro-economics, Finance and the Built Environment [Link]
MSc: Real Estate Appraisal & Valuation / 2 [Link]
MSc: Real Estate Development [Link]
MSc: Real Estate Economics [Link]
MSc: Real Estate Investment Analysis [Link]
MSc: Real Estate Management and Sustainability [Link]
MSc: Safety and Risk Management [Link]
MSc: Space Planning and Management [Link]
MSc: Service Procurement and Provision [Link]
MSc: Sustainable Practice For Facilities Management [Link]

MSc: Value and Risk Management [Link]

More TG Resource
DC - Design for Construction[Link]
DCPC - Design Cost Planning & Control [Link]
PPI - Project Planning & Implementation [Link]
MCE - Measurement and Cost Evaluation [Link]
CPIT [Link]

MSc Real Estate Economics [Link]
MSc Real Estate Development [Link]
MSc Real Estate Investment Analysis [Link]

TG-1 [Link]
TG-2 [Link]
TG-3 [Link]
TG-4 [Link]
TG-5 [Link]

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